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AS-i Bus

AS-Interface (AS-i) is the simplest networking solution for actuators and sensors in manufacturing systems. Using the now-famous yellow cable, it is an 'open' technology supported by over 100 vendors worldwide, guaranteeing best-in-class solutions, global support and the freedom to choose the products and suppliers that best suit needs.

The Open DeviceNet Vendor Association (ODVA) is an independent organization that oversees and manages the DeviceNet specifications. Promoting the worldwide adoption of DeviceNet, ODVA works closely with its vendor members, end users and distributors to further establish DeviceNet's standing as the premiere choice for open network communications in industrial automation.
Foundation Fieldbus

The Fieldbus Foundation is the leading organization dedicated to a single international, interoperable fieldbus standard. Established in September 1994 by a merger of WorldFIP North America and the Interoperable Systems Project (ISP), the foundation is a not-for-profit corporation that consists of nearly 120 of the world's leading suppliers and end users of process control and manufacturing automation products. Working together, these companies have provided unparalleled support for a worldwide fieldbus protocol, and have made major contributions to the IEC/ISA fieldbus standards development.

Profibus DP

Key features which make PROFIBUS a useful industrial communication technology are speed, ease of use, versatility, economical, customer-tested and proven Interoperable, with plug and play Open and standardized.