Pressures to optimize your plant increase daily as competition grows. Equipping your automation system with today’s digital technologies is your best path to realizing rapid improvement. With the almost ubiquitous use of today’s commercial off-the-shelf technologies, some perceive all control systems to be about the same.

But unlike the others, the DeltaV digital automation system provides you with gamechanging technologies and easy to use tools for your success. Easy matters.

A highly efficient, optimized plant starts with predictive intelligence sensing and controlling your process. This field intelligence provides a wealth of diagnostics information that enables you to predict and prevent problems before they affect the process. They also provide good, validated information to the DeltaV system for accurate control decisions to occur. We call this web of predictive intelligence and control PlantWeb.

A key part of the PlantWeb architecture, the DeltaV difference extends from integrated WirelessHART to measure what was previously not possible or practical, to embedded and adaptive advanced process control for the really tough control challenges, to easy integrated project engineering for faster project execution, to robust cybersecurity, to easy modernization paths from your current automation system, to connecting your people and work processes.

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