2500 Series

Fisher 2500 pneumatic level controllers provide rugged, dependable, and simply constructed pneumatic instrumentation for liquid level, interface level, and density service.

  • Set point, proportional valve opening, and reset changes are made with simple dial knob controls.
  • Few moving parts are used. A knife-edged driver bearing in the sensor and the plated brass instrument case ball bearing for the torque tube rotary shaft help to provide low-friction operation.
  • Available in a variety of orientations and connection styles, and all sensors can be either right- or left-hand mounted.
  • Displacer reaction to small specific gravity changes allows these instruments to be used for level, interface of two fluids, and density applications where a response to low levels of input signal change is required.
  • Action is field reversible from direct to reverse or vice versa, without additional parts.
  • Supply pressure conservation is enhanced in all constructions because relay exhaust opens only when input signal changes.
  • Comes standard with a liquid damping orifice in the lower equalizing connection for the cage sensor that helps provide additional stability.

2500 Series  Bulletin

 Instruction Manual  (2500 & 2503)
 Instruction Manual  (2502)
 Instruction Manual  (2506 & 2516)
 Instruction Manual (249W)
 Instruction Manual (Caged 249)
 Instruction Manual (Cageless 249)