The Fisher i2P-100 transducer is designed to meet environmental concerns, but optimized to provide maximum uptime. Featuring dual compartments with an explosive-fluid seal to prevent natural gas from migrating to the electrical conduit. Additional advantages include corrosion resistance, tolerance to dirty supply, and vibration resistance.


  • Approved for use with natural gas as the pneumatic supply.
  • Low pneumatic supply consumption, which lowers operating costs.
  • Has been tested in accordance with ANSI/ISA Standard 12.27.01
  • The integral output relay volume of the transducer is adequate to drive valve/actuator combinations without requiring a positioner or volume booster.
  • Selectable user field-configurable two-way split range, using either half of the standard input signal.
  • Separate housing compartments isolate the electronics from the pneumatic process..
  • Free-flow pilot stage design and large internal air passages provide excellent tolerance to dirty pneumatic supply by reducing the effects of contaminant build-up and erosion.

i2P-100  Bulletin  Instruction Manual