Fisher 3620JP electro-pneumatic, double-acting positioners are used with rotary actuators to accurately position control valves used in throttling applications. These rugged positioners provide a valve position proportional to a DC current input signal and mounts integrally to the actuator housing.

  • The positioner provides accurate, fast response and can withstand the vibrations of most plant environments. Low steady-state air consumption contributes to efficient operation.
  • Most of the parts for 3620JP positioners are interchangeable, requiring fewer spare parts to support these positioners.
  • With the cover removed, zero span and cross-over adjustments are easily accessible and can be made with a screw driver.
  • Easily adjustable minor loop gain fine tunes the positioner to optimize dynamic response for each specific actuator size and application.
  • Changes in supply pressure have minimal effect on positioner operation.
  • Case, components, and gasket materials withstand harsh environments. Positioner bleed air purges internal parts and actuator housing for additional protection.
  • Simple adjustments permit switching between direct and reverse action; no additional parts are required

3620JP  Bulletin  Instruction Manual