The Baumann 81000 Mikroseal control valve is excellent for throttling of liquid or gaseous media, particularly where wide flow variations are encountered. Its packless design allows for applications where leakage-prone stem packings are not tolerated. A nearly frictionless mechanical force-amplifying mechanism is employed to reduce the travel of the pneumatic or electric actuators. This allows the closure diaphragm to move precisely against the valve orifice to throttle or stop the passing fluid. The same nearly frictionless mechanism, composed of stainless steel and PTFE lined ball bearings and guide bushings, assures very precise positioning with negligible deadband.

  Baumann 81000 Mikroseal valve

  • Compact and light weight design reduces installed piping costs.
  • Packless construction is available.
  • Epoxy powder coated actuator cases with stainless steel yoke and fasteners for corrosion resistance.
  • Multi-spring, field reversible actuator with reduced deadband permits direct operation from remote signal devices.
  • Fisher FIELDVUE™ digital valve controller is available for remote calibration and diagnostics in facilities utilizing the PlantWeb architecture.


Bulletin (Actuator)

Instruction Manual
Instruction Manual (Actuator)