Model 11 and 21

The GO™ Switch Model 11 features sealed gold flashed contacts, no-touch sensing and snap action response in a square switch design with a 3/8™ sensing range.

Offering the same features as the GO™ Switch Model 11, The Model 21 GO™ Switch provides a smaller design. All GO™ Switch wiring options include A/C, D/C, N/O or N/C, consumes no power to operate and has no current leakage or voltage drop.

Model 11 and 21
  • DMDB form Z contact arrangement, SPDT form C contact arrangement,
  • Latching contacts
  • 9/16 ″ extended sensing distance
  • 176°C (350°F) operating temperature
  • Zone 0 or 1 hazardous area aprovals
  • Division 1 or 2 hazardous areas approvals
  • Quick disconnect connectors
  • Sub-Sea capabilities
Model 11
Model 21