FloBoss™ 503 Flow Manager


The FloBoss™ 503 Flow Manager is a high-performance, single-run flow computer that provides superior value where the orifice-plate metering of natural gas is required. It is designed for Class I, Division 2 hazardous areas and has internal mounting space for a radio and up to four batteries.
FloBoss™ 503 Flow Manager

  • AGA gas measurement for 1 meter run
  • PID loop control with override for 1 loop
  • Logic/sequencing control implemented through 2 function sequence tables (FSTs)
  • Archival of 15 history points
  • Logging of 240 alarms and 240 events
  • 16 log-on identifiers (IDs) may be stored for security
  • Sampler control for odorizers, etc.
  • One operator interface port is standard
  • One port is available for EIA-232, EIA-485, or dial-up modem
  • ROC and Modbus protocols are supplied

FloBoss™ 503