FloBoss™ 107E Flow Manager


The FloBoss 107E is an environmentally-packaged version of the FloBoss 107 Flow Computer with the available touchpad user interface. Designed to house a four-slot FloBoss 107, the FloBoss 107E enclosure options consist of two weather-tight enclosures to protect the electronics from physical damage and harsh environments.
FloBoss™ 107E Flow Manager

  • Environmentally-packaged version of the FloBoss 107
  • Two enclosures options allow you to choose between steel or polycarbonate
  • Houses batteries, data radio, integral sensor, and LCD touchpad
  • Sensor options include dual-variable for differential/static pressures and a single or dual pressure sensor for point monitoring
  • Enclosure can be panel or pipe-stand mounted and meets CSA type 4 rating
  • Supports differential pressure elements and pulse meter applications for one to four meter runs
  • Configurable operating speed to optimize low power consumption
  • Standard and extended history archiving
  • Local and remote communication capabilities
  • Local storage of monitored, measured, and calculated data and local control of field equipment, including valves and motors
  • High levels of data security
  • Memory back-up by battery and super-capacitor to provide long term data, configuration, and operational integrity when not in service

FloBoss™ 107E