D and DA

Fisher D and DA single-port, high-pressure valves are widely used in oil and gas production industries. These valves are especially useful for either throttling or on/off control of liquids or gases which are gritty, sticky, or have a tendency to build-up on internal valve parts. The DA valve is also useful in angle piping or other applications where a self-draining valve is desired.


  • Massive guiding positively aligns the valve plug in the seat ring for high pressure drop applications. The screwed-in seat ring completely encloses the seat ring gasket.
  • Screwed bonnet/body joint allows repair or maintenance with a minimum of tools.
  • Valve is available with VTC (ceramic) trim for service in very erosive applications. The valve plug is also available with a tungsten carbide tip and the seat ring can be fitted with a full-bore tungsten carbide insert for erosive service.
  • Valve body and end connection constructions are available for API, as well as ASME standards.
  • NACE trim and bolting materials are standard for all applications. These materials comply with the requirements of NACE MR0175-2002.

D & DA