Factory Certified Training

Rosemount Analytical provides several solutions to your training needs.  Course 2200 bundles our most popular measurements together in a one day class that covers pH theory, conductivity theory, and ORP theory.  Students will learn how the sensor work, how to properly maintain the sensor, how to perform a calibration plus how to troubleshoot any problem using the advanced diagnostics features of the sensor.  Each one of our course can be performed on-site or here at the Irvine, CA facility. 

  • Course 2201 covers all of our Amperometric measurements such as chlorine (free, total, monochloramine), dissolved oxygen, and ozone.  
  • Course 2202 – two wire transmitter.
  • Course 2203 – wireless transmitters.
  • Course 2204 – four wire analyzers. 
  • Course 2205 which allows you to choose any three theory courses and one analyzer courses.  Each of the analyzer courses 2202v, 2203v, & 2204v is taught virtually over the web. 

For more information please go to: Liquid Analytical Training  for additional information.  If you need to talk to a factory consultant please call (949) 757-8533

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