Continuous Care Program

The objective of the CONTINUOUS CARE Package is to help extend your instruments life, ensure optimum performance and cut maintenance costs. We do it with Planned Maintenance visits to your facility. Our Factory-Certified Service Specialist will provide factory recommended preventive maintenance and calibration services on a regular interval basis. Further risk management protection can be obtained by adding our optional extended warranty to your CONTINUOUS CARE Package.

The following optional services can be added to your CONTINUOUS CARE Package to further tailor it to your needs:

  • USP ISO 9001 Documentation
  • Extended Factory Warranty
  • USP Conductivity Validation Training
  • Formal On-Site Instrument Training
  • Scheduled Factory Training Courses

USP ISO 9001 Documentation NIST Traceable Calibration Certificates Comply with USP requirements for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology customers, as well as for those striving for ISO 9001 Certification, we will perform certified calibration services in accordance with our written Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). You will receive NIST Traceable Calibration Certificates (with data) and a copy of our SOP for your files.