Model 396/396VP Submersion/Insertion pH/ORP Sensor

The Rosemount 396 and 396VP sensors are ideal for measuring pH in harsh, dirty, and abrasive applications with large quantities of suspended solids. A robust sensor design and TUpH reference technology allow for reliable pH measurements in a wide range of the toughest applications.

Model 396/396VP Submersion/Insertion pH/ORP Sensor

  • SMART enabled
  • Quick cable-to-sensor release, provided by the watertight VP8 connector, eliminates cable twisting.
  • Minimum sensor maintenance due to TUpH reference technology which ensures steady pH signal when sensor is coated.
  • Maximum sensor life due to helical reference pathway which hinders reference poisoning.
  • Field proven ACCUGLASS™ pH glass formulations minimize glass cracking, resulting in enhanced performance and increased life.
  • Provides advanced sensor diagnostics for pH and reference signals when used with Rosemount transmitters
  • Maximum Pressure Specifications of 150 psig (1135 kPa [abs]) at 100 ° C (212 ° F)

Model 396
Model 396VP