Model 3200HP pHaser® High Purity Water pH Sensor

The Rosemount 3200HP pH sensor is designed for the accurate measurement of pH in low conductivity water (>0.4 µS/cm). It is well suited to analysis of condensate, boiler water, and feedwater in power plants or any industrial boiler.

Model 3200HP pHaser® High Purity Water pH Sensor

  • pHaser™ LASER DRILLED CAPILLARY liquid junction resists signal drift.
  • ACCURATE AND STABLE pH analysis of boiler water, feedwater and condensate.
  • SIMPLE MAINTENANCE requiring only bimonthly replenishment of electrolyte solution.
  • EASY CALIBRATION needs no referee instrument.
  • ELECTRONIC SHIELDING of glass electrode reduces susceptibility to electromagnetic interference.
  • RUGGED combination electrode with VP connector.
  • EXPOSED STAINLESS STEEL solution ground with RTD provides rapid temperature response and automatic diagnostics.

Model 3200HP