Model 226 Toroidal Submersion/Insertion Conductivity Sensor

The Rosemount 226 toroidal conductivity sensor measures conductivity in highly conductive liquids up to 2 S/cm (2,000,000 ?S/cm). This toroidal/inductive sensor has a robust fouling-resistant design which makes it ideal for measuring conductivity in harsh, corrosive and fibrous liquid applications.
Model 226 Toroidal Submersion/Insertion Conductivity Sensor

  • Plugging resistant and suitable for liquids containing high levels of suspended solids due to large bore design
  • High vibration tolerance with reinforced internal metal frame design
  • Constructed with highly corrosion-resistant glass-filled PEEK
  • Robust measurements - insensitive to process flow and direction
  • 1"  MNPT process connection mounting adapter for submersion type installations
  • Can be inserted through any user supplied flange by using optional process connection mounting adapter

Model 226