Model 222 Toroidal Flow Through Conductivity Sensor

The Rosemount 222 toroidal flow through conductivity sensor measures conductivity in highly conductive liquids up to 2 S/cm (2,000,000 μS/cm). The minimum conductivity is about 500 μS/cm. A noninvasive flow through design allows for in-line installations without any obstruction to sample and makes these sensors ideal for use in viscous or fibrous liquids.
Model 222 Toroidal Flow Through Conductivity Sensor

  • Robust measurements - insensitive to process flow rate and direction
  • Avoid accumulation of solids with no part of the sensor protruding into the sample flow
  • Corrosion resistant Teflon pipe liner
  • Versatile installation options allows for direct mounting into 1 inch and 2 inch process lines with 150 lb or 300 lb raised face threaded ANSI B16.5 flange
  • Plugging resistant and suitable for liquids containing high levels of suspended solids
  • Maximum Temperature 360°F (182°C)

Model 222