Model 499ACL Chlorine Sensor

The 499ACL is a family of membrane covered amperometric sensors used for measuring free chlorine, total chlorine, and monochloramine. The Free Chlorine Sensor, 499ACL-01, does not require sample pre-treatment or expensive reagents to maintain. The Total Chlorine Sensor, 499ACL-02, eliminates the need for pH correction with a standard reagent sampling system. The Monochloramine sensor, 499ACL-03 does not use reagents or sample pre-treatment for measurement. All three sensors have an easily replaceable membrane that does not require special tools.

Model 499ACL Chlorine Sensor

  • Measure free chlorine without sample
  • pretreatment. No messy and expensive
  • reagents needed.
  • Automatic correction to at least pH 9.5.
  • Easily replaceable membrane; no special tools required.
  • Automatic compensation for changes in
  • membrane permeability with temperature.
  • Automatic pressure equalization maintains correct membrane tension.
  • Variopol connector option allows the sensor to be replaced without running new cable.

Model 499ACL