The Fisher A11 valve is a reliable, high-performance butterfly valve for both throttling and on/off applications. Available in either a wafer or single-flange design, it maintains tight shutoff, and can be specified for a wide range of pressure and temperature conditions, including cryogenic applications.
  • Choose from square, keyed, or splined shaft connections.
  • The pressure-assisted seal design provides tight shutoff.
  • Trim and bolting materials are available for applications involving sour liquids and gases.
  • The valve body self-centers on the line flange bolts as a fast, accurate means of centering the valve in the pipeline.
  • Seal retainer screws are located so there is no interference with the sealing function of either flat sheet or spiral-wound line flange gaskets.
  • A feature of the valve design is that the torque necessary to open and close the valve is the same, regardless of the direction in which the differential pressure is applied.
  • Interchangeability of all parts, including shafts and disks, simplifies service and reduces maintenance costs.
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