Oxymitter Direct Replacement Oxygen Probes

Rosemount Analytical's Direct Replacement Oxymitter™ - Flue Gas Oxygen Probe offers an easy and cost effective way to replace previously installed probes in hazardous or general purpose areas without compromising the ability to upgrade to the latest technology at a later time. The Direct Replacement Oxymitter™ operates on your existing electronics and cable and still provides you with unsurpassed accuracy, long-term stability and excellent sulfur resistance.

Oxymitter 4000 In Situ Oxygen Transmitter


  • Operates on existing electronics and cable
  • The world" s most accurate probe; +/- .75% of reading or 0.05% oxygen
  • 316L stainless steel construction
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Excellent sulfur resistance
  • Forward compatible
  • Completely rebuildable probe including sensing cell, heater, thermocouple and diffusion element

Oxymitter™ Direct Replacement Oxygen Probe
SPS 4001B and IMPS 4000 Autocalibration Systems