Type SR8 backpressure regulator is a compact, large capacity, direct-operated backpressure regulator. It is designed for use in applications where a sanitary design is essential, such as pharmaceutical, biotech, or food and beverage industries. The unit is available in NPS 1/2 through 3 / DN 15 through 80 sizes with end connections that will match up to Tri-Clamp sanitary fittings. Type SR8 is suitable for use in steam, liquid or gas service.
Type SR8 Back Pressure Regulator

  • Sanitary Design Standards 
  • Superior Flow Performance and Accuracy
  • Tight Shutoff
  • Self-Draining
  • Remote Setpoint Capability
  • Clean in Place or Steam in Place
  • Nonporous Polished Body and Internals
  • Optional T-Handle Available

 SR8  Bulletin
 Instruction Manual