The Fisher 8532 high-performance butterfly valve offers outstanding performance under extreme pressure and temperature conditions. The 8532 valve maintains tight shutoff, is available in a fire-tested construction, and can be specified for cryogenic applications. Available as either a flangeless (wafer style) design, single flange (lugged), or double flanged design.


  • The pressure-assisted seal design provides tight shutoff against the full pressure rating of the specified valve.
  • The anti-blowout gland fits securely over the valve shaft, which has been turned down to form a circumferential shoulder that contacts the anti-blowout gland.
  • A splined end connection on the drive shaft allows lever clamping by most Fisher rotary actuators.
  • Optional keyed shaft is ideal for on/off applications and allows actuator selection flexibility.
  • The optional ENVIRO-SEAL™ packing system is designed with very smooth stem surfaces and live-loading provides improved sealing, guiding, and loading force transmission.
  • The valve body self-centers on the line flange bolts as a fast, accurate means of centering the valve in the pipeline.
  • Seal retainer screws are located so there is no interference with the sealing function of either flat sheet or spiral-wound line flange gaskets.
1052 size 70