Fisher Type EZR pilot-operated, pressure relief valve or backpressure regulator is typically used in city gate and district stations as a relief valve for overpressure protection, or in commercial and industrial applications as a backpressure regulator. It provides smooth, quiet operation, tight shutoff, and long life, even in dirty service.
Type EZR Relief Valves / Backpressure Regulators

  • Quiet Operation—The standard cage provides best-in-class noise reduction, making the EZR Series 6-8 dBa quieter than comparable flexible element regulators.
  • High Capacity—The flow path of the EZR Series produces best-in-class capacity combined with the quietest operation. Fisher™ products are laboratory tested so 100% of the published flow capacity can be used with confidence.
  • Long Life—The field proven dipahragm design incorporates layered fabric, a raised bead edge and molded shape to increase strength, durability, and service life
  • Debris Protection—The revolutionary flow path of the EZR Series cage minimizes the damage from debris while the stainless steel inlet strainer prevents large particles from damaging the diaphragm.
  • Tight Shutoff—The metal plug is designed to deflect particles and debris away from the diaphragm, providing superior shutoff and increasing the time between maintenance intervals.
  • Travel Indicator—Simplifies in-service inspection and system troubleshooting
  • Versatility—By changing from a relief piloting system to a pressure reducing piloting system, a Type EZR relief valve or backpressure regulator easily becomes a pressure reducing regulator.
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