S200 Series

S200 Series pressure reducing service regulators provide pressure-reducing applications for commercial and light industrial installations to minimize the shock effect of sudden downstream load changes. The resulting shock pressures and regulator instability can cause safety equipment to shut the installation down. But with an S200 Series regulator, transmission of shock loads to downstream equipment is reduced, thereby helping maintain downstream pressures within desired limits.
Type S200 Series Regulator

  • Outlet Pressures
  • Fixed Factor Billing / PFM Applications
  • Internal Relief Valve
  • Application Flexibility
  • Integral Slam-Shut Device
  • True-Monitor™
  • Orifice
  • Retrofittable

 S200 Series  Bulletin
 S201 Schematic
 S202 Schematic
 S203 Schematic
 S208 Schematic
 S209 Schematic
 Instruction Manual (S201 & S202)
Instruction Manual (S203)
 Instruction Manual (S204 & S206)