CS200 Series

Fisher CS200 Series direct-operated, spring-loaded regulators provide pressure-reducing applications for commercial and light industrial installations. Options include numerous body sizes, outlet pressure settings, and orifice sizes. CS200 offers ease of maintenance and installation with its full 360-degrees of rotation of the actuator via the union ring connection between the body and casing.
Type CS200 Series Regulator

  • Wide Range of NPT Body Sizes and End Connections
  • Easy to Install and Maintain
  • Only Standard Tools Required for Pressure Adjustment and Orifice Removal
  • Fixed Factor Accuracy (PFM Approved)
  • Application Flexibility including Internal Relief, Non-Relieving, and Secondary Seat™ Protection
  • Secondary Seat Protection provides a secondary seating and disk surface in the event that damage to the primary disk or orifice seat or debris in the flow path inhibit lockup

 CS200 Series  Bulletin
 CS200IR Schematic
 CS205IR Schematic
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