CP400 Series

Fisher CP400 Series pressure loaded regulators provide pressure-reducing applications for light industrial and commercial installations, which include accurate control for use in pressure-factor measurement (fixed factor billing) applications. Options include numerous body end connection sizes, body materials, outlet pressure settings, orifice sizes, internal/external pressure registration, and overpressure protection.
Type CP400 Series Regulators

  • Wide Variety of Body Sizes and End Connections 
  • Fixed Factor / Pressure Factor Measurement (PFM) Accuracy Capabilities
  • Field Convertible from Internal Sensing for Wide-Open Monitor Construction
  • Multiple Overpressure Protection Options
  • Available in Gray Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, and Steel Body Materials
  • Only Standard Tools Required for Pressure Adjustment and Orifice Removal
  • Easy to Maintain

 CP400 Series  Bulletin
 CP400EN Schematic
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 Instruction Manual
 TM600 Manual
 VSX4 & VSX8 Controller Manual